She made a simultaneous start both in painting and writing in Prague, the city that evokes one’s innate sense of beauty, at the age of 13, when Providence shows one his calling. Since then she has always exercised both artistic expressions, no matter what walks of life she chose. Recognition came very fast, she was only 17 when her fairy tales were first published in the “Ogonyok” magazine.
Since 1971 her paintings had been annually displayed at official exhibitions of the Professional Artists Union of the USSR (Kuznetsky Most, Manezh pavilions) as well at banned underground gatherings.
In 1973 she joined the Young Artists Association of the Professional Artists Union of the USSR. She graduated from the Journalism faculty of Moscow University and subsequently became a fine arts columnist of the “Soviet Culture” newspaper.
However, in 1976 she joined Moscow’s Committee of Graphic Artists, where she worked as press-secretary and organized scandalous Avantgarde II exhibitions in Gruzinskaya Street, 28 - Moscow’s symbol of freedom in Soviet times and a meeting place for dissidents of all walks of life.
In 1979 complicated maternity forced her to abandon social life and spend a few years nursing her infant son.
In 1982 she presented a series of canvases Recollections of Prague” and in 1984 held her first personal exhibition in one of the ancient halls of the Professional Artists Union of the USSR. The exhibition’s catalogue of paintings featured an article by Georghy Nikich, which was unprecedented for a young artist at that time.
In 1986 Ekaterina was admitted to the painters section of the Professional Artists Union of the USSR. By that time she was working as an art dealer of the office of paintings exports within the Vuchetich artistic workshop of the Soviet Ministry of Culture and formed collections of Soviet Art to be sold abroad, thereby trying to provide financial support not only for her colleagues in official art but also for prohibited artists and seeking to exhibit their works in other countries. She also took part in numerous international exhibitions in Europe, Africa and the US (Catholic Relief Service).
Later Ekaterina Moskovskaya traveled a lot around Africa, writing diaries and completely changing her artistic style. 1992 saw her personal exhibition in Lome (Togo), 1993 was marked by a personal exhibition in Conakry (Guinea). After returning to Moscow in 1995 she was invited to display her works at the Embassy of Hungary that hosted a most prestigious artistic and musical salon of the “Neftyanoy” Bank where in December of that year she held her grand exhibition accompanied by a performance of the Borodin quartet and attended by government officials, the artistic, theatrical, financial elite and the diplomatic corps.
This program was represented by famous and all acclaimed actor Alexei Batalov, and transmitted on all news channels of Russia. In 1996, following the invitation by the popular “Obshaya Gazeta” newspaper, Ekaterina Moskovskaya held her personal Grand Exhibition of new paintings at the newspaper’s artistic gallery. In 1997 the Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, a newspaper of predominantly Russian intellectuals, launched the first issue of its literary supplement the “Coulisse” with the “Story Of My Life With Alex Paustovsky” by Ekaterina Moskovskaya, having distinguished her book from a large pool of works of contesting modern writers. The “Story” was published for 7 months in every issue and had a successful debut.
In 1998 Ekaterina was accredited as the Washington correspondent of the “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” newspaper. In 2000 the “Veche” publishing house issued a special author-illustrated edition of the “Story Of My Life With Alex Paustovsky” (ISBN 5-7838-0643-9).
In the year of 2000, Embassy of Russian Federation in USA in Washington DC organized presentation of this book as well as the exhibition of 50 pictures of the artist. The gathering of guests was so huge that they had to stand on their feet during the entertainment for 2 hours, because of the lack of seats. Voice of America reported the event.
10 years ago, Ekaterina Moskovskaya created a Union of the Artists of the former USSR on American land, for those artists who are now living in different parts of US, new countries of Europe and Asia. The mission of this artist organization – to show the high level of professionalism of the modern art that is divided by borders of the states, but it has common ground – Russian school of art that was famous in previous centuries and successfully, but too late comes to the world market.
Moskovskaya continues to work on two books – “Miracles in my life” and “Notes to Gorenshteyn”, creates new pictures and shows them at different galleries, arranges her personal exhibits.
But most of her efforts and time now is devoted to organization creation of exhibitions of exclusive graphic artists, sculptors and painters, and also cultural programs of the new Union of Artists. In this she gets enthusiastic assistance from different associations that understand the importance of these activities for all countries. Because each sober-minded person knows an old truth that it is not politics, but Culture that creates links between hearts of peoples.
In 2001, Ekaterina Moskovskaya received the extraordinary person ability in United States. Now she lives in Old Alexandria, the beautiful city of art and fairy-tales, very close to Washington DC, at her own house-gallery.

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