Exhibitions history

1971 – 1985 – participated in annual official exhibitions of the Professional Artists Union or the USSR (Kuznetskiy Most and Manezh Pavilions in Moscow, Russia).

1976 - 1979 - Participating in seven (7) exhibtions of Russian Avangard Society at Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28, Gorkom Hudozhnikov-Graphikov (The only island of freedom in USSR at that time).

1982 – Exhibition of the best young artists at Manezh of USSR at Manezh on Red Square in Moscow, Russia.

1984 – First personal exhibition at Joltvskiy Hall in Moscow, Russia.

1989 – Personal exhibition in Russian Embassy in Togo, Lome.

1990 – Exhibition in American Catholic relief office in Togo, Lome.1991 – Personal exhibition in Russian Embassy in Cotonu, Benin.

1991 – Personal exhibition in Gatobar Gallery in Togo, Lome.

1992 – Personal exhibition at Yassine art Gallery in Togo, Lome.

1993 – Personal exhibition at Meredor Gallery in Conakry, Guinea.

1995 – Personal exhibition with Borodin quartet at the Embassy of Hungary, sponsored by “Petrolium” Bank.

1996 – Personal exhibition at the gallery of “Obshaya Gazeta” newspaper in Moscow, Russia.

January 2001 – Grand personal exhibition at “Golden Hall” of Russian embassy in Washington DC along with presentation of the book by

E. Moskovskaya entitled “Story of mylife with Alex Paustovskiy” (self – illustrated.)

2002–2003 – Gallery "Suma" King Street. Alexandria, Virginia

2003 – "Raw Gallery" Arlington Virginia.

2003 – "Orlov Gallery" Alexandria VA.

2003 – Personal exhibition at Columbia Baptist church in Falls Church, VA.

2003 – (September – October) – Participated in exhibition of the works of American artists in Saint Petersburg, Russia on the occasion of 300 anniversary of the city.

2004 – “Bee Beats Gallery" Arlington VA, Ballston Mall.

2004 – "Vision Gallery" Georgetown DC Main Street.

2004 – Personal exhibition organized by Association of “Prosperous Russian businessmen” in the restaurant Europe in Bethesda, MD.

2005 – (March – April) – personal exhibition at “MAGICWORKS.INC” at EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, New York.

2005 – (Since July) – Personal exhibition at Grant Art Gallery in Soho New York.

"Moscow's Katya Art Gallery" (permanently) in Alexandria VA.