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Ekaterina Moskovskaya


There is a wonderful poet - Boris Pasternak, Nobel Prize laureate, who was able better than anyone to convey the slate of mind to the reader. E. Moskovskaya is Pasternak in painting.

E. Drobitsky
President of the Artistic Union Of Russian Painters,
Board Member of the Russian Academy of Art.

The nerve of the emotional drive of the art of E. Moskovskaya is her attempt to capture a passing state of mind and to put it on canvas, to establish a link between mortal and eternal and to this state to others. An attentive viewer carefully watching her pictures finds himself in a warm current of harmonious silence. This is the result of her art.

Consuello Segura
Correspondent for the Soviet Culture newspaper

In this book everyone will, probably, find something for himself. For me it was, first of all, the time. The time of our Youth. It is captured here exactly and dead on. Just like a fly is captured inside an amber rock. Thank You, Katya.

Andrei Makarevich
Famous musician and poet

It's surprising how this graceful woman has managed to preserve in all troubles of life acute experiences of those times. The novel spurs inside of me a lot of reminiscences of my own. But behind the seemingly intimate and personal experiences of the "Story of My Life With Alex Paustovsky" there is a whole era, a very well defined social circle of persons with outstanding and dramatic lives. And all this passes through a prism of art that was given to Katya Moskovskaya by providence.

Leonide Bazhanov
Art Director of the State Center For Modern Art of Russia

Past-Present. Alive-Dead. Memory-Oblivion. Heat-Frost. Heaven-Hell. Black-White. It's these and other types of contrasts that shape the story. But they are more than mere contrasts - it's about irreconciliation, discrepancy, eternal struggle. The same way genres are fighting in this novel: a love story? Notes of a traveler? Memoirs? One could say memoirs, but the term is too formal. The "Story of My Life With Alex Paustovsky" is memoir, but not so much the memoirs of mind as the memoirs of heart, body and soul.

Alla Kireeva
Literary Critic,
Widow of the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky.

We, on our part, wanted to try to understand how this soft, integral and original art is born, which motives and circumstances it is shaped by. We tried to capture its general emotional drive. And once you have begun to understand it, you realize that the artist does have something to protect the superficial, indifferent and cold glance. But something else is also evident - the best protection turns out to be E.Moskovskaya's art itself, the one that opens the artist's world of poetry to an attentive and caring viewer.

Georgy Nikich
Ph. D. (Art Studies) Board Member
of The International Association of Art Critics

The book-confession of E. Moskovskaya has struck me with its sincerity and spiritual pain of forgiveness. Besides, it is a fine example of genuine Russian prose - living, enrapturing and touching the hearts of those who still have them.

Marina Solovyova

Throughout the canvas of the autobiographical heroine, this book traces various lives and fates in their intersections, which at times seem to be random but at other times reveal the hand of fate. The intensity of this lyrical prism for history is comparable perhaps only to that of Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago - a subtext present and activated throughout the book, alongside the important symbolic presence of Pasternak's figure itself.

Olga Meerson
Associate Professor of Russian Georgetown University

I am writing to support in the strongest possible terms the application of E. Moskovskaya for U.S. permanent resident status. She is an outstanding artist, and it is very much in the interests United States to keep her working in our country. I am in position to estimate importance of E. Moskovskaya achievements and future potential. I am Vice President and Chief Scientist of MetaCreations Corporation (www.metacreations.com), the creative web company. The company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol of MCRE. We develop and market innovative 2D and 3D visualization software for Web, print, and computer graphics applications. MetaCreations benefits from a high-profile brand identity in the world of computer graphics with popular software products such as Painter, Ray Dream Studio, Canoma, Poser and Bryce. These products serve a wide range of customers, from professional developers, graphic artists to Web masters, all of whom employ MetaCreations' tools in a variety of applications including 2D and 3D illustrations, rendering and animation, image and photo manipulation, video and multimedia development. MetaCreations new "Creative Web" strategy employs the revolutionary MetaStream and MetaFlash technologies to dramatically accelerate the creation of photorealistic 2D and 3D graphics for online applications (e-merchandising for e-commerce).I came to computer graphics from science: I hold a doctor of science and Ph.D. from Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics and MS in Physics from Moscow Physical Technical Institute. I am recipient of international Landau-Weitzmann award, Saha Memorial Lecturer, editor of several scientific journals and the author of over 80 scientific papers. Prior to founding computer graphics start-up company Real-Time Geometry I was full Professor of Physics and Applied and Computational Mathematics in Princeton University. This information can be found in Who's Who in. America. E. Moskovskaya approaches computer graphics from art.

She is a remarkable artist with a very new, original and independent approach to computer graphics. Г know E. Moskovskaya for more then 20 years and was following closely her achievements during all this time. E. Moskovskaya was born in Moscow on August 20, 1950. She became interested in painting when she lived in Prague. Ac this time she was just thirteen years old. Her first exhibition was in Moscow in a very prestigious exhibition gallery on Kuznetzkij Most (which belonged to Association of Artists of the USSR). The success of this exhibition was tremendous. The art critics described her painting "City behind bars" as a reference to the absence of freedom in the Soviet Union. It was extreme boldness to make this exhibition! In the later years E. Moskovskaya participated in numerous exhibitions on Malaya Gruzinskaya Street, which were famous for the participation of dissident artists and were very popular. She is also caking part in more formal exhibitions. In 1934 she had a big personal exhibition on Gogolevskyj Boulevard, which had a great success. In 1995 E. Moskovskaya organized and participated in a very prestigious concert-exhibition: there were her paintings and the concert of Borodin quartet. It was attended by popular actors, artists, musicians, diplomats and political leaders. It was shown on central TV. Known for her shows around the world, E. Moskovskaya is without any doubt one of the most talented and interesting graphic artists of her generation. E. Moskovskaya is a professional artist, she is a member of the Association of Artists of the USSR. But E. Moskovskaya is also a well-known writer and she was working in numerous popular newspapers and magazines. Her book "Story of life with Alesha Paustovskij" was extremely successful and critically acclaimed.In present time E. Moskovskaya represents "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" in America. She is taking an active part in strengthening cultural ties between Russia and US organizing exhibitions, concerts, lectures. She is writing the articles about Russian community in America, about Americans and their daily life.In my opinion, E. Moskovskay's work can have an impact on development of new directions in computer graphics, which will be a part of the country's economy in the next century. The development of the Web sites and Internet will require innovative techniques and methods. I believe that the US graphic and computer artists will greatly benefit from E. Moskovskaya' s creativity, knowledge and experience.All these facts speak for themselves. E. Moskovskaya is highly intelligent and exceptionally talented person. E. Moskovskaya's extraordinary achievements have already proved her to be an outstanding artist, but more over her potential for future impact on computer graphics is truly unlimited. In my opinion the national economic interests of the United States will substantially benefit of her presence in our country. Based en the above I strongly recommend the admission of E. Moskovskaya to US permanent resident status.

A. Megdal
Vice President and Chief Scientist, MetaCreations Corp.

I have known Ekaterina MOSKOVSKAYA personally for practically thirty years. Possessing the rarest and multifaceted capabilities, she was one of the most brilliant centers of unofficial life of Moscow artists and writers. An out-of-the-ordinary artist, s always put her own interests aside to support another artist who had fallen into And many contemporary artists are indebted to her interest in them, her persistent persuasion, which helped them take part in exhibitions officially organized by the Moscow City Committee of Graphic Artists in the semi basement on Malaya Street, celebrated throughout the country.Who knows what God preserved her when the entire underground was engrossed in reading and retyping her manuscript, The Story of Life with Alesha Paustovskiy, for which she should have been quietly arrested and sent to the camps. Brilliant, acute, unsparing of the truth of Soviet life of that time, this manuscript aroused elation among many respectable, intelligent people involved in Russian arts, who, unfortunately, were in no way able to influence the fate of its publication - this was unimaginable in those years.

Peter VEGIN,
well-known Russian poet, author of 14 books of poetry.
Professor of Russian literature, University of Iowa (1989-1990),
Visiting Professor. Summer University in Bloomington (1991).
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the weekly newspaper. Panorama (1991-1994).
Editor-in-Chief of the Russian-American weekly newspaper, Kontakt (Los Angeles, 1994-1998).

I know Ekaterina Moskovskaya for more than 30 years. She is a prominent representative of the Russian Decorative art, full member of Association of painters that participated with success in numerous exhibitions in Moscow and abroad. She is also a professional journalist and an author of a novel about life of Russian intelligentsia in seventies, which is now being published as a book with author's paintings and photos, in Moscow. The novel has been already partly published and it still has incredible amount of readers. It will be an event in cultural life of the country.She joined the Ministry of Culture of Russia in 1984 and served in various capacities. In particularly, she was involved to organize concerts of Young musicians of International Charity Foundation in America under my direction. This action highly contributed to the deepening of cultural ties between Russia and USA. Yekaterina is a really extraordinary person.

Vladimir Spivakov,
The folk artist of USSR.
Laureate of civil prize.
Professor, artistic director and the main conductor of Russian National orchestra.
The main conductor of an Orchestra "Virtuosos of Moscow".
The president of International Charity Foundation.
The honorific prizes.
A companion of honorific Legion (France).
An officer of Literature and Arts of Spain.
The Highest Prize of Armenia.
The ambassador of Good Will of UNESCO.

Ekaterina Moskovskaya is a renowned journalist, woman of letters and artist, has made a substantial contribution to the development of the culture of Russia in the past two decades. As long ago as the end of the 1970s, she was participating in the celebrated exhibitions of the nonconformist artists of Moscow, which one could get into only after standing in line many hours. Later on, personal exhibitions of Ekaterina Moskovskaya's pictures were arranged; they invariably aroused the interest of the public and were favorably reviewed in the press. As a journalist Ekaterina Moskovskaya has written a great deal on painting. Her Story of Alesha Paustovskiy, which Nezavisimaya gazeta published over the course of half a year, elicited many responses from readers, lively critical interest, and most importantly - extremely animated discussion artistic milieu.

Mr. Vitaly Tret'yakov,
Professor of the Higher School of Economics,
VICE-PRESIDENT international Confederation of Journalists' Unions.

"To Katia, the heroine of Moscow of 70s: Thank you for your memoiars". Vasiliy Aksenov.